IVD Research recently expanded its manufacturing capacity with the purchase of a new BioDot XYZ3210 dispensing platform. Used to accurately dispense liquids at various volumes onto membranes, glass fiber pads, and more, the dispensing platform is one of our most important production tools, and this upgrade to the newest version of the XYZ series will be a huge benefit to our customers!

With the XYZ3210’s larger platform, we can dispense liquids onto multiple surfaces at a time – in many cases, up to 8 at a time instead of just 1. This will greatly speed up our production process, helping us fill larger orders in less time.

At IVD, we pride ourselves on the accuracy and reliability of our tests and on the high quality of our customer service. Our new XYZ3210 platform will help us continue to improve that service by providing our clients with even faster, more efficient delivery of their important veterinary diagnostic products.