IVD Research, Inc. is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals with over 25
years experience in the research and development of immunoassays.  We are an
innovator developer and manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products for the
infectious disease market. IVD Research's Human Diagnostic Division is highly focused
on diagnostic products for gastro-intestinal and exotic infections (imported
microorganisms). IVD Research is recognized for high quality products at competitive
prices; serving hospitals, laboratories, and academic centers for more than a decade.  
All human products manufactured by IVD follow cGMP, including CAPA and Design

Our immunodiagnostic kits test for over 20 infectious diseases including Giardia,
Cryptosporidium, and Dengue. IVD's stool antigen and serum antibody EIA's are high
quality immunoassays.  With our EIA development kit you can even create your own
immunoassay!  Our goal is to provide you with tools and services to aid you in
identifying common worldwide pathogens. Methods offered by IVD Research are based
on lateral flow (Point-of-care) and immunoassay technologies.  Our test kits include:

Stool Antigen EIAs

                                         Serum Antibody EIAs

                                         Crypto/Giardia DFA

                                         EIA Development Kit

                                         External Controls

                                         QC Panels

IVD Research carries a wide range of serum antibody and stool antigen detection
assays. We also manufacture and distribute a full line of external controls and quality
control panels for use with a number of different laboratory platforms. If you are looking
to develop your own immunoassay, please inquire about our EIA Microwell
Development Kit. With our proven track record you will:

                 - Talk to knowledgeable customer service staff
                 - Experience efficient response times
                 - Receive proven, consistent, quality products.

                                 Our Sister Company

SafePath Labs LLC, offers immunoassays for food safety and animal health. We offer
multiple ELISA kit sizes including a 96 ELISA well kit and a 960 ELISA test kit for larger
volume laboratories. Please visit the SafePath website for more information:
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